HOW TO STAY SAFE around Electricity

School Safety Program

For more than ten years BELD’s Energy Advisor, teaming up with a BELD lineman, has visited classrooms in the Braintree schools and instructed fourth and fifth grade students on how to stay safe around electricity. A short video, “The Shocking Truth,” starts off the presentation, demonstrating how electricity behaves and how to avoid electrical accidents.

The students then get some hands-on experience with the actual equipment linemen use to keep themselves safe. Thick rubber gloves are passed around, and everyone is impressed by a piece of melted sand—the souvenir of a downed high-voltage wire.

After a discussion about energy resources, everyone heads outside to see the bucket truck in action. It’s usually hard to hear anything over the cheering as the students watch their favorite teachers lifted 55 feet in the air, but our BELD team can almost always get them to agree to let us lower the bucket.