Get the speed you need with BELD Broadband
Here’s a list of our new offerings:
• 8 Mbps downstream/1 Mbps upstream High-Speed Internet—included in our Standard Definition packages or $39.95 a la carte … for basic email and Web surfing.
• 18/1 Mbps Premium Internet—included in our High-Definition (HD) packages, $10 additional for other packages, or $50 a la carte … great for sharing photos and other files. Now 3 Mbps faster, at no extra charge!
• 25/3 Mbps Lightning 25 Internet—$20 additional for Double or Triple Play packages or $69.95 a la carte … perfect for online gaming, streaming videos and virtual networking.
• 50/5 Mbps Mach 50 Internet—$40 additional for packages and $99.95 a la carte … enables seamless cloud computing, home networking, online backup, downloading movies, file transfers and more.

However YOU use your BELD Broadband Internet connection, we have the right speed for you. Contact Customer Service today to order new service—or consider upgrading your current existing broadband service with faster speeds. We look forward to hearing from you!

Internet speeds may vary with conditions. Other restrictions may apply.

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