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Congratulations Ken, NEPPA Service Award recipient!

Please join us in congratulating our Energy Services & Accounting Division Manager, Mr. Ken Stone on receiving the 2018 NEPPA Service Award. The NEPPA Service Award is presented to an individual to recognize their significant contributions to the Association.

Ken wears many hats for NEPPA. Not only does he serve on the Education Development Committee, but he also chairs the Engineering Subcommittee, the Lineworker’s Rodeo Subcommittee and the E & O Conference Subcommittee. Ken’s dedication and support at every event have been vital in moving NEPPA in the right direction.

We couldn't be any happier for Ken. He is an invaluable asset to BELD and we don't know what we would do without him. Congratulations Ken!

NEPPA Service Award 2018; Ken Stone
From left: James Bakas, Immediate Past President, NEPPA Board of Directors, Jeffrey Cady, President, NEPPA Board of Directors, BELD Energy Services & Accounting Division Manager, Ken Stone, Bonnie Biocchi, Executive Director of NEPPA