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Beld TV powered by TiVo VU-IT | Rolling out a new VOD system

We’ve rolled out our new VU-IT! On Demand platform, delivering a robust new interactive menu with more video content than before, plus the ability to stream popular online services right from your cable box.

BELDFamA new system means new equipment. Our existing VOD system was discontinued on March 4, so you’ll need an upgraded cable box to access this on demand content. 

If you don't use our current VOD system, you don't need to swap anything—just keep your existing equipment as is.

Call 781.348.BELD today and get FREE installation for the first VU-IT! box (a $49.50 savings) plus …

  • Access to streaming services like HBO GO, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube & more
  • Fully integrated search across all cable & streaming content
  • Recommendations based on your viewing history
  • Customized WishLists of all your favorite programming


Free installation promo is only for the first VU-IT! box installed, installation charges will be applied to any additional boxes installed, offer expires March 31, 2019. Minimum 20 Mbps BELD Broadband Internet with aBELD modem and Expanded Basic Cable service required. DVR service unavailable on this TiVo VU-IT! equipment. Subscriptions required to stream content from HBO GO, Netflix, Hulu, and other providers (available separately). Equipment, installation, taxes and fees extra. Other restrictions may apply.