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Our goal is 100% carbon-free & Renewable energy

solar installBraintree Electric is transitioning our power supply over the next few years to one consisting of carbon free and renewable energy resources as we do our part to help deal with climate change. 

Working with Energy New England, BELD has contracted with a diverse group of energy providers to build a power supply that will be up to 80% carbon free and renewable by 2024. These energy providers are located throughout New England with energy from wind, solar, hydro, biomass and nuclear power being delivered to the high voltage transmission system. 

BELD aggressively negotiates with these energy providers so residents will not see a significant impact on our overall electric rates. While there will be some upward pressure on our power supply expenses it will not cost our average residential customer more than a few dollars a month. Our goal is to provide 100% carbon free and renewable energy to Braintree by the year 2050 and we are happy to say we are well on our way to accomplishing that goal.

Renewable energy
ene Energy New England is BELD’s power supply consultant, working to help promote the principles of conservation, efficiency, and environmental stewardship. www.ee.ene.org