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My Electric portal

Customer|Connect users, Customer|Connect has also been replaced with our My Electric Portal, so you will need to re-register a new account to access the features of the My Electric portal. Note: If you already re-registered for Bill Pay you are all set, one login is all you need to access both.

My ElectricBraintree Electric wants to help you learn how you can conserve energy… and dollars! BELD’s new electricity usage portal displays the data gathered by your advanced meter. Now you can view your usage so you can see how your everyday habits affect your hourly consumption and ultimately, your monthly electric bill. The My Electric portal is the fast, easy way to monitor all your electric usage—and you  can pay your bill while you are at it.

with the my electric portal you can

  • View Smart Meter consumption data
  • View and Pay your bills online
  • Review your transaction and payment history
  • Analyze and download your electricity usage
  • Add multiple accounts to your web profile

online quick pay

If you prefer not to sign up for the My Electric portal, you can pay online using our Quick Pay system to make a one-time payment. Payments will be credited to your account the next business day.

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