fbpx We have officially cut the cord today 12/2/2019 | BELD

We have officially cut the cord today 12/2/2019

As we communicated previously by mail, email and phone, BELD can no longer offer cable due to costs beyond our control. However, we will continue to provide high-speed internet and phone service.

Please read this carefully for instructions to continue watching your favorite shows and update your account. 

Situation #1:



Do you want to drop cable but haven’t yet signed up for a streaming provider?

Count on BELD to help you choose a streaming service that meets your needs:

QUICK TIP: Check out YouTube TV for 70+ live channels, plus the Patriots and Red Sox games. There are no contracts, so you can switch to another provider at any time.

Situation #2:

Are you already streaming but haven’t returned our equipment?

Call us at 781.348.BELD (2353) to have your account adjusted so you can start saving money!


Situation #3:

Are you already on our schedule for free installation of a streaming device on your TV?

If so, please ignore this message.


Situation #4:

Have you already switched to another cable provider?

No problem, but please return your BELD cable equipment. You can email Customer Service at cservice@beld.com for instructions.


Remember to call us with any questions, and check out BELDinternet.com for plans, rates and streaming information.

Thank you!

The BELD Stream Team