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Energy-saving programs

Evergy savingsBELD is committed to helping you save energy. Our business is generating and delivering electricity, but our first concern is our customer. We want you to live and work in a clean environment, with money in your pocket. Encouraging you to save energy helps make that a reality.

Got energy questions? Contact our Energy Advisor Hotline at 781.348.1032. The Energy Advisor will spend the time necessary to explain in simple, understandable terms the information you're looking for. 

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My Electric Energy assessment and rebates Appliance rebate
Braintree Drives Electric Smart Savings (smart thermostat program) Customer Solar Programs
Energy education Braintree Re-leaf program Braintree Re-leaf program
Clean Comfort


If you'd like, we can provide you with written information or Web-based references and links—or even make a presentation to your neighborhood association or service organization. In addition, you can borrow an appliance watt meter to monitor the electric use of individual appliances and calculate how much they are costing you to run. And it's all free!