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Public Power to the rescue

We dispatched crews to CT to help in the restoration after Isaias.

mutualaid2020Hurricane Isaias wreaked havoc on many parts of Connecticut, knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of residents in early August. We dispatched two of our Mutual Aid crews to give our Public Power friends over at Wallingford Electric Division a hand with the power restoration efforts. 

The devastation from the storm created very dangerous working conditions all over the area. But our crews and over 20 other Northeast Public Power Association utilities worked tirelessly to get everyone’s lights back on as quickly and safely as possible.

mutual aid 2020Work involved replacing and repairing several broken poles, cross arms, and downed wires and climbing inaccessible poles that were severely damaged by the storm. The teams continued to work throughout the week until much of the work was completed. Thanks to all the crews who answer the call for help whenever needed. Job well done by everyone involved!