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Residential Solar

Before you go installing solar panels on your roof, take some time to learn about what’s involved in harnessing energy from the sun.

Applications for new solar arrays must be filed with and approved by BELD prior to installation. The technical review process will ensure your PV system meets the important industry and BELD Engineering criteria for safe interconnection to our system.

Another important consideration is the unique rate structure BELD offers. Unlike some of the larger investor-owned utilities, BELD does not offer typical net metering rates. Our Distributed Generation (DG) rates can be found here for the appropriate installation type and size.

Bottom line: Find a qualified, reputable solar company to provide an accurate and honest assessment of your property. Then determine the appropriate rate for you and understand the economics of your investment before entering into a contract or a lease agreement with a solar provider. 

For information specific to your property, contact BELD Engineering 781.348.2353. 

Community Solar contact  Energy Advisor at 781.348.1032
Residential Solar contact Electric Operations Manager at 781.348.2353
Commercial Solar contact Key Accounts Representative at 781.348.2370

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