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Energy assessment and rebates

frpl_pup_wrmIf you're considering making energy improvements in your home getting an energy assessment is the first step. Braintree residents who heat with oil or electricity should contact our Energy Advisor to schedule a free site visit. Your home's heating and hot water systems, shell insulation, appliances, windows, doors, and lighting will all be evaluated. BELD also provides financial incentives for certain types of energy upgrades, including ductless mini-split systems. Energy audits are required to receive rebates. For more information call 781.348.1032. Gas heat customers should contact MassSave.com 1.866.527.7283.

BELD also launched an exciting new platform to help you identify energy saving opportunities in your home called MyEnergyXpert. It's a quick online energy assessment (less than 10 minutes) that will help you understand and manage your energy consumption. Also get a free energy savings kit mailed directly to your home. 

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