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Solar programs

Community Solar; Braintree landfillIt seems like everyone is touting the benefits of power from the sun these days. Here in Braintree, several of BELD’s residential and commercial customers have photovoltaic (PV) systems. The Light Department itself has partnered with the Town of Braintree to commission a 1.26-megawatt PV array at the Covanta Transfer Station, which delivers power directly to BELD’s electric distribution system. BELD Community Solar lets you get solar benefits if your roof isn’t suitable—or if you don’t have your own roof. Contact our Energy Advisor to sign up or for more information.

BELD and EnergySage have partnered to help you go solar

EnergySage offers valuable educational resources, calculators and marketplaces to help you learn about and shop for solar with confidence. These services are totally free and 100% online, no calls unless you want them.


BELD is participating in the Municipal Light Plant Solar Rebate Program (MLP). The MLP process will be administered for BELD by Energy New England (ENE). The solar program information, technical requirements and application forms for the MLP can be accessed on the ENE website.

Please note that the interconnection and application process for all qualified MLP Solar or other Distributed Generation facilities must be completed and filed with the BELD Engineering Department separately. BELD will review and approve for interconnection under the terms and agreements of the departments interconnection policies.

Program requirements
  • Applicant's electric account must be in good standing
  • Applicant must be either the installer or property owner
  • The solar panels must be installed by a professional, licensed contractor
  • The solar project must meet technical, installation, and equipment requirements outlined in the Program Manual
  • The DOER caps projects at 25 kW, but your MLP may have a smaller size restriction
  • Be interconnected to a participating MLP’s distribution system
  • Cannot have received a Statement of Qualification under the Solar Carve-out II Program
  • Interconnections must use a Locus Production Meter

Applications for new solar arrays must be filed with and approved by BELD prior to installation. The technical review process will ensure your PV system meets the important industry and BELD Engineering criteria for safe interconnection to our system.

Whatever you choose, it’s a decision that’ll pay off in more ways than one. 

Community Solar contact Energy Advisor at 781.348.1032
Residential Solar contact Electric Operations Manager at 781.348.2353
Commercial Solar contact Key Accounts Representative at 781.348.2370