BELD Engineering and Operations Manager receives public power service award

We are thrilled to congratulate Weijun Li, Engineering and Operations Manager at BELD, for being honored with the Harold Kramer-John Preston Personal Service Award at the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) National Conference in San Diego, California. This prestigious award recognizes outstanding individuals for their dedicated service to the APPA.

Weijun Li’s journey with BELD began as a Junior Engineer after earning his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. His pursuit of excellence continued with a master’s degree in electrical engineering and an MBA, leading to his accreditation as a Professional Engineer. Over the years, Weijun’s expertise and commitment have propelled him to the esteemed position of Engineering and Operations Manager.

Beyond his technical achievements, Weijun has made significant contributions to the public power community. He has actively participated in several committees, including the Northeast Public Power Association’s Mutual Aid Committee and the IEEE/Power and Energy Society Transformers Committee. His involvement in numerous APPA events further underscores his dedication to advancing public power initiatives.

About the American Public Power Association

The APPA is the leading advocate for not-for-profit, community-owned utilities, serving 2,000 towns and cities across the nation. Representing the interests of over 49 million people and employing 96,000 individuals, the APPA engages with the federal government to protect and promote public power. Our association provides guidance on electricity policy, technology, trends, training, and operations, ensuring our members can offer superior service, foster community engagement, and uphold the values of community-owned power.

Join us in celebrating Weijun Li’s remarkable achievements and his unwavering commitment to public power.


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