Outage Map

If you need to report an outage, please call us 781.348.BELD (2353) to report it. 

Rest assured, when an outage happens, our service crews and employees who support them
always do their best to restore power as soon as possible.

Please note during outage situations, circumstances and data can constantly change. Meaning, the data provided here may not fully reflect real time conditions. This outage data is provided only as a basic guide to try and help keep you informed, we cannot and do not provide estimated restoration times, these can never be estimated due to all the various factors and potential hazards involved.

Follow us on social media for the most up-to-date maintenance notices, outage alerts and other important reminders. 

As always in case of an emergency (life-threatening situation, downed line, or imminent danger) please call 911.

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Commercial Rebates

We offer several commercial rebate programs designed to help our consumers reduce energy consumption, energy bills, and ultimately, help the environment. Contact our Key Accounts Representative 781.348.2370 to learn

EV Incentive Program Survey

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