Solar Programs

Research before installing solar panels is crucial.

Consider solar panels carefully: their initial cost, technology, drawbacks, and long-term savings. Take your time to assess whether they’re suitable and offer optimal value.

Residential Solar

BELD and EnergySage have partnered to help you go solar

EnergySage offers valuable educational resources, calculators and marketplaces to help you learn about and shop for solar with confidence. These services are totally free and 100% online, no calls unless you want them.

Solar Rebate Program 

BELD customers are eligible for a .60 cent/watt installation rebate. The process will be administered for BELD by Energy New England (ENE). The rebate program information, technical requirements and application forms for BELD customers can be accessed on the ENE website.

Please note that the interconnection and application process for all qualified BELD Solar or other Distributed Generation facilities must be completed and filed with the BELD Engineering Department separately. BELD will review and approve for interconnection under the terms and agreements of the departments interconnection policies. Our Distributed Generation (DG) rates can be found here for the appropriate installation type and size.

Community Solar

Now as much as 75% of your average yearly usage can come from power generated by the sun. Joining BELD Community Solar is by far the easiest way to harness green energy in Braintree. Even if you can’t (or don’t want to) put panels on your roof, you can still benefit from many advantages of solar power. 

To sign up, email or call the BELD Energy Advisor, at 781.348.1032 between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.  We look forward to hearing from you!

BELD Community Solar offers you the opportunity to support clean power in Braintree without the cost and hassle of putting equipment on your own house. We’ve installed 2,100 solar panels on the roof of Braintree High School and—in an average month—they produce more than 70,000 kilowatt hours (kWh). The power generated by this 660 kilowatt solar array is available on a limited basis to Braintree residents.

Depending on prior billing history, BELD customers may lease up to 10 panels. Each month, we’ll meter the output of the full array. The total will vary depending on how much sunlight was available during the billing period. Customers choosing to take part in the program will receive a percentage of the generation, based on the production associated with their leased panels.

The electricity generated by the array will be priced at 15 cents per kWh, slightly lower than our standard rate of 15.5 cents/kWh. The solar rate will be locked in until 2026. 

Each customer who enrolls in the program will be billed on the 23rd of the month. You may receive a bill for a slightly shorter (or longer) amount of time to get you on the same cycle as other Community Solar participants. The amount of solar electricity produced in any given month will be clearly listed on your monthly bill.

Commercial Solar

Installing solar panels may be the right choice for you and your business. Contact our Key Accounts Representative 781.348.2370 to learn more about was to possibly save money while saving the environment for generations to come.

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Commercial Rebates

We offer several commercial rebate programs designed to help our consumers reduce energy consumption, energy bills, and ultimately, help the environment. Contact our Key Accounts Representative 781.348.2370 to learn

EV Incentive Program Survey

EV Incentive Program Survey Are you participating in our EV incentive program? If not, we want to understand why!  Your input is valuable in helping