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Clean Comfort program

Our Clean Comfort program is designed to assist you in adopting efficient cooling and heating with heat pumps.

Clean ComfortHeat pumps keep homes comfortable year-round, and are more efficient than traditional systems. Through the Clean Comfort program, you can receive help to both learn more about heat pumps and figure out if they are a fit for your home. Through the program, sizing and design support is provided to residents to ensure that the installed systems deliver the savings and comfort expected, as well as improve your home’s overall carbon impact.

BELD offers rebates of $500 per ton up to $1,000 for residents to install air source heat pumps, including ductless mini splits.

Qualifying equipment:

  • Single Zone Mini Split: HSPF: ≥ 10, SEER: ≥ 18

  • Central Heat Pump, Multi Split Systems, and Ducted Mini Split: HSPF: ≥ 9.5, SEER: ≥ 16

Prior to contracting, customers and contractors should confirm rebate amounts and equipment eligibility with the MLP electric utility provider for the install site, as rebate amounts and equipment eligibility varies across MLPs and may not be accurately reflected in the guidelines on Abode Energy Management's website.

    Follow these 5 steps:
    1. Contact a Clean Comfort Heat Pump Specialist for program information and to learn more about the benefits of heat pump adoption.
    2. Work with a local contractor to determine if a heat pump is right for you.
    3. Contractor submits a pre-approval project summary to the Clean Comfort program administrator, Abode Energy Services. Abode reviews your project summary and works with the contractor, if necessary.
    4. Once approved, the heat pump system is installed and inspected.
    5. Your rebate is processed and you start to enjoy clean, efficient cooling and heating.
    BELD Contractor list

    BELD Participating Contractor List

    You can learn more about how heat pumps work and find a list of participating contractors from which to obtain quotes at Abode.com  


    The links below allow customers or contractors to set up time on the calendar for a consultation (customer) or rebate program onboarding (contractor). 

    consult contract

    Customer consultation

    Set up a 15-20 minute call to go over a variety of requests from education to helping understand contracts and designs.

    Contractor Onboarding

    We usually set aside about 30 minutes to run contractors through the basics of the pre-approval and install QA processes and answer any questions.

    Clean Comfort


    Abode Energy Services is the Clean Comfort program administrator. Contact a Clean Comfort Specialist at Abode today to get started. 

    Residents can also connect directly with a Clean Comfort Specialist at 339-707-0918 or by visiting abodeem.com/beld.